Our Easi-Clean Coatings Explained…

September 24, 2015

Everyone can benefit from having a coating applied to their lenses and we have expanded our range to cover individual lifestyle requirements.

Without an anti-reflective coating, a regular lens reflects approximately 10% of light; so only 90% of light enters the eye. This reduces your quality of vision and causes glare in certain situations. Our new Easi-Clean coating range reduces unwanted reflected light, to less than 1%.  The range includes;

Blue Pro

Reflects and protects from blue light, a potentially harmful light emitted from computer screens, tablets, televisions and smartphones. This coating can help to reduce strain and headaches when using screens for long periods of time and provides 100% UV protection also.

Easi-Clean HD

Anti reflection, 100% UV protection and a scratch resistant hard-coat.  Also comes with a 2 year no quibble guarantee!

Easi-Clean ESPF

Anti reflection, 100% UV protection and a scratch resistant hard-coat.

Easi-Clean MAR

Anti reflection coating and scratch resistant.

UV Coating

The most important coating of all that benefits all ages but especially children. UV light exposure can be linked to cataract development in later years. Children under 16 are at most risk to UV damage as their eyes have not fully developed and research indicates that 80% of UV damage to the eye is done before the age of 18.

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